Highest-Paying Careers with a Bachelor's Degree for 2019 | BivashVlogs

You spend the money to acquire a Bachelor’s degree and pursue a career, it’s best to take a look at potential salaries. While there are plenty of high paying jobs out there, many of them require a minimum of a Master’s degree for entry. While some may require work experience, licensing, and on-the-job training, the minimum entry requirement for these careers is a Bachelor’s degree.
The following profiles are ranked by their 2019 median annual salary, sourced from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and include a description of the career, example job titles in the career field, recommended degrees for pursuing the career, and common personal characteristics of professionals in the field.

Highest-Paying Careers with a Bachelor's Degree for 2019 | BivashVlogs

Chief Executives

Chief executives occupy a number of key administrative roles in corporations, agencies, and other settings. Their duties include creating and executing business strategies, planning and directing business activities, and ensuring successful operation.

Median Annual Salary: $181,210

Recommended Degrees: Bachelor in Business Administration; Bachelor in Public Administration; Bachelor in Management.

Job Titles: Chief Executive Officer; Chief Operating Officer; Government Service Executive; Governor; Mayor.

Highest-Paying Careers with a Bachelor's Degree for 2019 | BivashVlogs

Computer and Information Systems Managers

Computer and information systems managers handle the technological needs of corporations and organizations through planning and coordinating computer and technological activities. This includes determining an organization’s technological goals and implementing plans toward meeting those goals, as well as managing information technology teams.

Median Annual Salary: $135,800

Example Job Titles: Computer Operations Manager; Information Systems Manager; Information Systems Director; Chief Technology Officer; Data Operations Director.
Recommended Degrees: Bachelor in Computer Science; Bachelor in Information Technology; Bachelor in Information Systems; Bachelor in Management Information Systems.

Architectural and Engineering Managers

Architectural and engineering managers combine management and leadership with expertise in architecture and engineering fields. Individuals in this profession are in charge of planning projects and directing teams to complete the projects.

Median Annual Salary: $134,730

Recommended Degrees: Bachelor in Architecture; Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering; Bachelor in Electrical Engineering; Bachelor in Engineering Management.
Job Titles: Electrical Engineering Director; Engineering Design Manager; Engineering Manager; Mechanical Engineering Director; Process Engineering Manager.

Highest-Paying Careers with a Bachelor's Degree for 2019 | BivashVlogs

Financial Managers

Financial managers oversee the financial health of corporations and organizations. Their duties include monitoring financial activities and trends, developing short-term and long-term financial strategies, directing investments and spending, and compiling finical reports.

Median Annual Salary: $121,750

Recommended Degrees: Bachelor in Financial Management; Bachelor in Finance; Bachelor in Accounting; Bachelor in Economics; Bachelor in Business Administration.

Example Job: Financial Manager; Financial Director; Fiscal Manager; Comptroller; City Treasurer; Bank Manager; Banking Center Manager; International Bank Manager.

Human Resources Managers

Human resources managers direct administrative personnel functions for organizations. Individuals in this field oversee human resources staff, coordinate personnel, interview and hire new staff, and handle human resources issues, such as sexual harassment claims.

Median Annual Salary: $106,910

Recommended Degrees: Bachelor in Human Resources Management; Bachelor in Management; Bachelor in Personnel Management; Bachelor in Business Administration; Bachelor in Communication; Bachelor in Finance; Bachelor in Accounting; Bachelor in Information Technology.

Job Titles: Human Resources Manager; Personnel Manager; Personnel Director; Employee Relations Manager.