Course in Film Criticism & the Art of Review (New Delhi) - FTII

Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), New Delhi, in association with Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune, announces 20 days Course in “Film Criticism & the Art of Review” at New Delhi.
Following are the details in this regard;
(1)    Name of the Course: Course in “Film Criticism & the Art of Review”
(2)    Duration: 28th May to 19th June 2019 (20 days – excluding Sundays)
(3)    Timings: 10 am to 5.00 pm
(4)    No. of participants: 24 (Course will be conducted only if minimum strength of 20 is reached)
(5)    Age: Participants must be 18 years or above in age as on 01st May 2019
(6)    Nationality: Indian
(7)    Educational Qualifications: HSC (12th pass). In exceptional case, 10th pass may be considered.

Course in Film Criticism & the Art of Review (New Delhi) - FTII

Rules and Guidelines

Applicants interested should have good communication and writing skills. They should have an unbiased analytical mind that can engage relevantly with contemporary issues and the Cinemas of their times. They need to have a basic skillset like appreciation of different genres and kinds of Films and a flair for expressing their observations in words. A preliminary familiarity with Film history will be an asset. Those interested in working in Television/ Radio/ Podcasts etc. may need additional skills in public speaking & the art of conversation. Though a basic proficiency in speaking and writing in English/ Hindi is required to take the course, people from all language regions of the country are encouraged to participate.
(8)    Venue: IIMC, New JNU Campus, Aruna Asif Ali Road, New Delhi – 110 067
(9)    Course Fees: Rs 30,000/- per participant (Inclusive of GST)
(10)  Mode of payment: Demand Draft to be drawn in favour of “Accounts Officer, Film & TV Institute of India, Pune”, and must be payable at Pune
(11)    Last date to receive applications: 07th May 2019 by 4 pm
(12)    Faculty: Ms Rajula Shah
(13)    Course Details:

Course in Film Criticism & the Art of Review (New Delhi) - FTII

Context of the Short Course

The significance of the Film Critic in Cinema cannot be overstated. It is a misconception that anyone can review a film. How can one do justice to the job without the proper tools to ‘read’ a film? Moreover, having the freedom to say what you want, require enormous discipline and craft of expression. It’s an exciting profession, influential to the making and unmaking of the flipflops of industry; helping viewers choose between films and creating new viewership. A competent Critic of lasting value offers a vision of Cinema, of the Arts, of Society/ Politics or something beyond a particular film.

Objective of the Short Course

This short course is designed to provide a basic grounding in the discipline of Film Criticism. It intends to train the participant into becoming a serious viewer of Cinema by expanding her/his awareness of its History & Practice. And thus enable them to develop a Critic’s voice that can help the viewer choose from a vast number/ kind of films available. Through a critical appreciation of Cinema, it seeks to build a sensibility that combines perception, information and ideas in creative ways to influence public opinion, create awareness about things that matter.

Course in Film Criticism & the Art of Review (New Delhi) - FTII

Course plan

1 hr/ day of Film History                          20 hrs
3 hrs/ day of Film Viewing                        40 hrs
1 hr/ day of Film Theory                           20 hrs
1 hr/ day of Film Analysis & Criticism         20 hrs
2 hr/ day of writing on Film                       20 hrs


email- or call 09923242654 Prof. Sandeep Shahare, only between 10 am to 5pm on weekdays (except Saturdays & Sundays).

For more information, visit the official site by clicking here.