Accenture ‘Intelligent You’ Idea Contest for Students

Accenture ‘Intelligent You’ Idea Contest for Students


Do you think differently? Can you look at a business problem and visualize a way to make things better?

We present to you the IntelligentYOU: Accenture Idea Contest, where we are looking for ideators who can give us the most innovative solutions for real business challenges.

What Can Your Idea Do?

With evolving business practices, our clients are continually looking for transformation and innovation partners who can lead them into the NEW, to address risks and take advantage of opportunities. 

How does it work?

Accenture has for you five real world business challenges. You can choose the challenge you want to solve, and submit your idea. Our expert panel will evaluate the viability of your idea and choose the best ones. 

Winners stand to take away exciting prizes!

Get an experience of a life-time of solving real time business problems, an opportunity to compete alongside awesome peers and industry leaders and gifts worth 4.5 lakhs.


The Contest will be conducted online and open to all full-time, graduate and post-graduate – students and who are 18 (eighteen) years or above and who meet all eligibility requirements as stated in the Contest Rules. The participants can only submit entries as an individual.


 5 challenges
  1. Intelligent Marketing
  2. Intelligent Finance and Accounting
  3. Intelligent Procurement
  4. Intelligent Cloud
  5. Intelligent Security
The challenges can be unlocked on this page.

Submission Procedure:

Step 1: Identify the business problem
Step 2: Follow the below format to submit your idea
i. The Brief of the Idea
ii. Details of the Idea
iii. Business and Technology challenges/risks
iv. Challenges in Implementation
v. Business impact/Value generated
Step 3: Submit your idea in a word document on this page.

 The last date to submit your entries is June 26, 2018.